Outdoor Weddings

Your choice of venue will be important in determining the overall style and mood of your wedding celebration. You are likely to be drawn to wedding venues in Dubai that you think can create your day in the style and manner you have in mind. Our wedding planners love outdoor weddings in Dubai. There is nothing more romantic then getting married in a beautiful garden surrounded by greenery. Sometimes, nature is often the best event designer as well. In a setting with a beautiful panorama, shade-giving trees and colorful flowers, you really don't have to decorate that much as if you would be in a ballroom. For any outdoor wedding in Dubai, our focus would be on defining the venue space to make your outdoor wedding feel more intimate. While indoors provides a certain predictability, nothing beats the magic of taking vows in a natural setting. Outdoor weddings in Dubai are not as easy as renting a ballroom and setting up tables. Though Dubai is rarely affected by rain, it may happen from time to time.

The cardinal rule for any outdoor wedding is to be prepared for mother nature’s unexpected plans – let it be rain, high winds or extreme heat. Like anything worthwhile, it's all in the planning. Our team of experienced wedding planners in Dubai will be there on your side, preparing a backup strategy for your outdoor celebration. Outdoor weddings are usually born of a passion – you love the ocean, you love hiking, you love your home backyard and you want to share it with your beloved ones – and for that reason, this choice is undeniably personal and distinct. We believe an outdoor wedding in Dubai can be absolutely magical - be it a garden, a golf course or a terrace with amazing views – outdoor weddings have a unique feel. Our experienced wedding professionals in Dubai are passionate about transforming an outdoor space into a wedding venue with creative vision and attention to all details, where the end result will be magical just as you imagined. 

While indoors provides a certain predictability, nothing beats the magic of taking vows in a natural setting.