Destination Weddings

Weddings can be celebrated anywhere — be it the backyard of your home, a restaurant overlooking Lake Como or an exotic venue located right on the beach. With offices in Budapest and Dubai, we have special connection to major destinations such as Italy, France, Morocco and Spain. The majority of the year we are full service wedding planners based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates orchestrating weddings in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi. During the summer & fall months we relocate to Europe as our base, and we plan weddings across Hungary and destination weddings all over Europe. Since destination weddings involve some amount of travel, they also tend to last longer than the average wedding with festivities going on for two to three days. Bash Events Dubai thrives on creating and producing multi-day wedding weekend experiences, from welcome parties, to rehearsal dinners to farewell brunches. We also specialize in custom activities and excursions throughout the wedding weekend, where guests can enjoy a variety of local experiences like wine tasting, hiking, sightseeing and more.

Destination weddings in Dubai and Europe have skyrocketed in popularity in the last decade, and its appeal keeps growing. A destination wedding in Dubai can certainly help your day stand out vividly from the pack. When you take your wedding to a special destination, you automatically make it unique and memorable. Bash Events is exclusively a full-service event planning & design studio. With offices in Budapest, Hungary and in Dubai, we are specializing in destination events. The best season for a destination wedding in Dubai is from October to April, while in Europe it's from April to October. Select your desired destination and let us plan all the details so everything is ready by the time you and your guests arrive.  Whether it be floral design, photography, entertainment or catering — our multicultural team makes sure the end result is truly personal and one-of-a-kind making sure you truly enjoy every moment of your wedding. Select your desired destination and let us plan all the details so everything is ready by the time you and your guests arrive. 

Event the simplest, smallest weddings require hours of detailed planning. Our wedding planners in Dubai will be your personal assistants managing the mountain of paperwork, the endless emails and the everlasting phone calls.