Creative Concept

We pride ourselves in planning bespoke weddings that are unique and truly represent the couple in all details. Once you have decided upon a venue and set an initial budget, we can get down to the creative part of planning and conceptualizing the look & feel of your event, be it a wedding or a party. When it comes to wedding decor, we always take on the whole environment. We will give you options everywhere. At the end of the day, you are the hosts, and the venue space is your platform to begin telling your wedding story. Weddings with soul & personality are the results of creative solutions in all the details, and the same applies to parties. 

Our wedding planners in Dubai will spend countless hours at your chosen venue, walking it through and coming up with concepts and ideas that reflect your vision and making sure every detail fits into your story. Our mood-boards and creative solutions incorporate the personality and experiences of the hosts as the essence of an event. Attention to detail is paramount for us. We will work with your budget, offer guidelines from our experience. We pride ourselves in planning bespoke events and weddings in Dubai that are unique and truly represent the hosts and the occasion in all details.

The creative conceptualization is the most exciting part of the wedding planning and we guarantee to make it a fun process for our clients too.