Why You Need Specialty Lighting For Your Wedding

One of the most important, but many times overlooked area of planning a wedding in Dubai is lighting. We cannot emphasize enough that lighting is crucial for the atmosphere and mood, but also needed for the wedding photography. Whether you are having a nighttime reception outside, a ballroom wedding or an after-party, you need to make sure there is sufficient lighting that complements the overall ambiance. 

With that said, we have complied some explanation for you guys, so you could really understand why lighting is such a vital element of the wedding décor. Let’s start with a simple example: think about having a beautiful dinner in your garden with your friends. You have delicious food prepared for the night, candle lights on the table, gorgeous centerpieces. Everything is perfect, except one small detail. It’s getting dark, and the candle light is hardly enough to see the meal you are eating, not to mention the faces of your guests at the end of the table. If you only thought about incorporating some mood lighting, really everything would have been perfect. 

In this case, to create a festive garden vibe, we would advise incorporating some string lights or so-called market lights. This would not only enhance the mood but would also provide a pretty background for your photos. 

While you may prefer a candlelit reception, it’s important to have the right lighting for your venue space and dance floor. Trust me, you really don’t want to have your first dance in the dark!

Ballroom Lighting.jpg

We would recommend that you work with your wedding planner Dubai closely to make sure your reception is well lit and there is continuous light on the dance floor. Bash Wedding Planners Dubai can definitely help you with the lighting design by guiding you through all the necessary technical details. We take care of the hassle of the production and give you room and ideas to spin your essence as a couple into your wedding experience. 

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