The Sound Of Music

We like to think of music as the main tool that sets the pace of a wedding - adding a meaning to your ceremony, creating a welcoming mood during cocktail hour, inviting guests onto the dance floor at the reception and keeping the guests in the groove during the after party. 

We believe all the choices should reflect you as a couple from the prelude to the last dance , however it’s equally important to please the crowd and get every generation up on the dance floor. As far as music goes, here are the main areas that you will have to think about and consider. 

Wedding Ceremony


For the ceremony, you will have to select songs for the guest arrival or so-called prelude. Since this is the first music your guests will hear, it sets the tone for your ceremony. 
When your ceremony begins, you will have to think about the processional. This part may include songs for the bridal party going down the aisle and the of course the bride. This part is grander, after all it’s the moment your guests are waiting for. 
Lastly, as far as the ceremony goes, you may consider song selections for the recessional, when the groom kisses the bride and they walk down the aisle. As this is a joyous moment, we recommend a bit more upbeat song selection. 

Cocktail Reception

Being a transition between the ceremony and the dinner reception, we would not advise focusing a lot of your budget to this hour. A nice background music would be a great choice, or a jazz trio, maybe a Spanish guitar player – any choice that could reflect you and your partner. 

Dance Floor.JPG

Dinner & Dancing

The quality of a wedding is often measure by the amount of dancing, therefore you should go for music with a broad appeal. Whether you go with a live band or a DJ, make sure to include selections that gets everyone into the groove. As far as the reception goes, you may have to think about some specialty song choices, such as the song for your first dance, mother & son, father & daughter dances and the last dance. Make sure to choose songs with a special meaning. Don’t worry if you don’t have one, your wedding planner can always recommend great ideas. 

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