The Perfect White Wedding

Since we are receiving a lot of inquiries for an all-white wedding decor, we decided to put together some inspiration that could guide you to plan the most beautiful white wedding in Dubai. Everyone loves white, it's simple and elegant, chic and sophisticated. It's pure heaven. 

When it comes to white wedding in Dubai, the biggest challenge is to make sure you won't end up with a flat decor where everything looks the same. This is where texture comes in. Consider using an embroidered table overlay - this can add great texture to the tables. You can even add a tonal runner, maybe ivory, that will add some visual texture. Runners are great on rectangular tables; they define the table's center and frame your centerpieces. 

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Embrace the white by selecting a stunning show plate with colored or printed napkin. Keep them white, but add a delicate pattern such as a sophisticated stipe - it can do wonder on an otherwise all-white table. 

Flowers play a major role in creating an ambiance, so it's essential that you pay special attention to this part. When it comes to white flowers you have a lot of varieties to choose from. Choose your floral details wisely - French tulips, white garden roses, ranunculus, parrot tulips, freesias - all amazing choices. You can create a beautiful floral escape by mixing single-type floral arrangements with mixed flower arrangements. The overall effect will be stunning with clean sophistication.

We see many brides to over-stress the wedding decor in Dubai, and want every single detail to be white. Our final and most important advice to you: don't stress out on every single detail. Focus on the parts that are important to you and work your way from there. 

Don’t forget to check out our Pinterest boards dedicated to different color schemes! If you have any question, send us an email, talk to us on Facebook and we’ll swoop in with our recommendation. You need help planning your wedding? We would be delighted to be the one working with you on this special occasion! 


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