Wedding Flower Trend: Cluster Centerpieces

When it comes to floral centerpieces, today's brides face a wide array of options; from tall arrangements and lush garland runners to low centerpieces. From an architectural monochromatic style to an organic and colorful look the options are literally endless. As wedding planners in Dubai, it is our job to recommend the most suitable option for our bides based on likes, dislikes, location, budget, etc. Today, we wanted to share with you a very flexible option; an option that can check all the styles and types we just talked about - cluster centerpieces. 

Cluster Centerpieces,   Marble Plates Available For Rent From Bash Events Dubai   Picture by Casa de Perrin

Cluster Centerpieces, Marble Plates Available For Rent From Bash Events Dubai
Picture by Casa de Perrin

Cluster centerpieces are made of several different floral arrangements in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors if requested. So why we love them? First of all, this option is the most versatile option you can get. Since we are creating a bunch of mini-to-medium arrangements, we have the chance to include different colors, sizes and textures. The end result is an organic tablescape that will look as it was meant to be there. You will get a cohesive look, a floralscape that is sharing a story on its own. If you want to dazzle your guests with your floral centerpieces, trust us; cluster floralscape is the way to go.

Need more help? Don’t forget to check out our Pinterest boards dedicated to different color schemes and floralscapes! If you have any question, send us an email, talk to us on Facebook and we’ll swoop in with our recommendation. You need help planning your wedding in Dubai? We would be delighted to be the one working with you on this special occasion! 


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