How To Host A Great Party

A good party extends beyond pretty table set ups - it's also about how you act when it comes to time to party. And at the end of the day, the only thing worse than going to a bad dinner party is throwing one. 

We at Bash Party Planners Dubai, have prepared some cool tips for you to keep your bash fancy and fun at the same time:

1. Number one rule is that the host needs to have fun

Instead of stressing on the party and the catering you need to be with your guests and actually enjoying their company. 

2. Keep the glasses full

Always make sure that guests plates and glasses are full - some guests may be too shy.

3. Keep it easy

It's always better to go with the good, old-school recipes rather than experimenting with new dishes in the kitchen. You don't need to add any extra stress to your plate. If you want something different for the menu, we recommend hiring a professional caterer. 

4. Lighting matters

I know many of you will stop at this point and ask - why do I need lighting? Just remember that bright lights make people self-conscious, but soft lights on the other hand will loosen people up. If you don't want to splash money on this part, just stick to candles, lots of candles!

5. Sounds like fun

Music works like a charm. If you want to keep your guests awake, pick something classy but upbeat. 

6. Nothing can be perfect

Don't freak out if something goes wrong, just roll with it. Your party won't be ruined if it's not perfect - it will be better!

Being a host means that you are responsible for the experience of everyone walking into your home. You're in charge of making sure they have enough food & drinks, and generally have a good time. You make introductions, keep the conversation moving, and keep the energy flowing the whole night, but please don't forget to take a deep breath and have fun as well. It's so easy to get wrapped up in the process of throwing a party, that you forget to actually participate in the party. 



We believe incredible events need to go beyond just great design. Our events create experiences that integrate design with the finest dining elements, music, entertainment and surprises, building up an energy from start to finish.

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