Ballroom Weddings

Hotel ballrooms are one of the most popular venues for getting married in Dubai. Bash Dubai wedding planners work with world class hotels that offer adjustable ballrooms with a view or outdoor space attached. Hotels present the fewest risks, since their staff are pros at handling weddings. One of the biggest advantage of a hotel is that nearly everything is already there. There are likely to be multiple spaces you can adapt to your needs for the ceremony, the reception, and the cocktail hour. Of course, all of this comes at a price, which is built into the cost of food and beverages. Many hotels in Dubai have minimum food & beverage charge, and most of them do offer special wedding packages to the local wedding planners in Dubai. If there is any negative about ballroom weddings in Dubai, it's that they can feel impersonal. 

If there is any negative about ballroom weddings in Dubai, it's that they can feel impersonal. The good news is that any room can be totally transformed. The walls and the ceiling can be draped in fabric to create a tent like feel, unattractive chairs can be hidden under chair covers and you can make any room feel intimate with trees. Ballrooms can be easily converted into magical spaces with creative planning and design that can accommodate large number of guests with different types of seating, staging for entertainment and dance floor.  But there is an absolute correlation between the drama of the transformation and the size of the budget required to pull it off. At Bash Dubai, it is our task to manage your expectations and to do so within your budget.